WG PC57.159
Guide on Transformers for Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) Power Generation Systems

Performance Subcommittee Chairman:

Ed teNyenhuis

Technical Manager


Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone: (905) 460-3210

E-Mail: edt@ieee.org

C57.159 WG Chair:

Hemchandra M. Shertukde

E-Mail:  Shertukde@hartford.edu

C57.159 WG Vice-Chair:

Mathieu Sauzay

E-Mail:  Mathieu.Sauzay@jst-transformers.com

C57.159 WG Secretary:

Aleksandr Levin

E-Mail: Aleksandr.Levin@wicor.com


WG Status and documents:

Fall 2015 WG Meeting Minutes - Unapproved   posted 08Dec2015

PC57.159 D6.1  posted 08Dec2015 Committee Password required

Previous Meeting Discussions/Issues

Presentation - GE Tutorial on PV Transformers   posted 17Sep2013, SPECIAL PASSWORD REQUIRED!  Contact the WG Chair for access.

Presentation - Transformers for Application in DPV Systems   posted 28Aug2013, SPECIAL PASSWORD REQUIRED!  Contact the WG Chair for access.

NESCOM PAR Request   posted 16Nov2012

C57.159 Chapters Matrix  posted 16Nov2012

Fall 2011 Position Paper  posted 23Nov2011, password required to access

IEEE Std. 929 Annex E & F  posted 19Apr2009, password required to access

IEC 60076-16 Ed.1 posted 21Mar2011, special password required to access

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