WG PC57.158
Guide for the Application of Tertiary and Stabilizing Windings in Power Transformers

Performance Subcommittee Chairman:

Ed teNyenhuis

Technical Manager


Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone: (905) 460-3210

E-Mail: edt@ieee.org

C57.158 WG Chair:

Enrique Betancourt - Chair

Prolec GE

Phone: +52-818-030-2135

E-Mail: ebetanco@ieee.org

C57.158 WG Vice-Chair:


C57.158 WG Secretary:

Brian Penny



E-Mail: bpenny@atcllc.com


WG Status and documents:

Spring 2017 WG Agenda   29Mar2017

Fall 2016 WG Meeting Minutes - Unapproved   29Mar2017

PC57.158 Draft 7   Committee Password required, 29Mar2017

Previous Meeting Discussions/Issues


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