Task Force for Continuous Revisions to C57.12.00

Performance Subcommittee Chairman:

Ed teNyenhuis

Technical Manager


Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone: (905) 460-3210

E-Mail: edt@ieee.org

C57.12.00 Task Force Chair:

Tauhid H. Ansari

E-Mail: tauhid.ansari@us.abb.com

C57.12.00 Task Force Secretary:

Enrique Betancourt

E-Mail: ebetanco@ieee.org


TF Short Circuit System Fault Capacity in Table 15 of C57.12.00-2010

Chair: Bruce Forsythe

TF Continuous Revision

Spring 2016 Agenda  posted 15Mar2016

Fall 2015 Meeting Minutes  posted 15Mar2016

Short circuit condition clarification proposal  posted 15Mar2016

Previous Meeting Discussions/Issues

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MR Statement on LTC Testing  posted 17Mar2014

Fall 2013 Discussion Topics  posted 15Oct2013

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Fall 2012 - Proposal for Routine Resistance Measurements  posted 17Oct2012

Fall 2012 - IEEE Survey Table 18 Resistance Results Proposal 1  posted 17Oct2012

Fall 2012 - Proposal for Routine Operating Tests OLTC  posted 17Oct2012

Fall 2012 - IEEE Survey for Operating Tests OLTC Results Proposal 2   posted 17Oct2012

C57.12.80 Terminology.  posted 05Mar2012

Spring 2012 DiscussionTopics  posted 05Mar2012

IEEE Survey Table 15 Results  posted 05Mar2012

Routine Operational Tests for OLTC  posted 05Mar2012

Short-Cicuit Apparent Power  Updated 28Jan2011

Spring 2011 Discussion Topics   posted 3Apr2011

Spring 2010 Discussion Topics posted 04Mar2010

Fall 2009 Discussion Topics posted 21Oct2009

X/R Discussion  posted 03Oct2003

WG Item 50 Survey for X0/X1 Issue  posted 29Jan2004

TF - Tertiary & Stabilizing Windings

The TF Tertiary Stabilizing Windings was formed to address the following:

a)      Recommendations for guidelines to determine MVA rating of buried tertiary windings

b)      To define the conditions under which this MVA is applicable, and

c)      Determine the tests or calculations necessary to prove the tertiary MVA rating

Spring 2010 TF Minutes, Unapproved   posted 04Jun2010


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