Meeting Planning Subcommittee

Meeting Planning Subcommittee Scope

The overall responsibility of this subcommittee is the administrative responsibilities for planning and managing Committee meetings. On-going duties include locating, soliciting, educating, and assisting local meeting hosts; supervising the negotiation and signing of hotel and vendor contracts; maintaining on-going Committee funds; overseeing individual meeting budgets & expenditures; and developing each detailed meeting schedule. The Subcommittee will promote the scope of the Committee by providing pleasant and productive meeting events. The Subcommittee shall coordinate with related organizations and industry events to reduce conflicts in event schedules. One working group within the Subcommitee, the "Web-page Development WG", will maintain the Committee's web-site (

The Meetings Planning Subcommittee regularly meets two times a year at each Committee meeting; usually towards the end of the meeting. The meetings are attended by the SC Chair and/or Vice Chair, the host of the present meeting, the hosts of planned future meetings, and the hosts of recent past meetings. Individuals interested in hosting a future meeting are also encouraged to participate. This meeting is often attended by Executive Officers of the Committee.

The membership of the Subcommittee consists of one permanent member, the Subcommittee Chair, and meeting hosts from recent past meetings and hosts for upcoming meetings.


Tammy Behrens

Market Communications Manager

SPX Waukesha

Phone: 262-513-5401

Mobile: 414-839-8028




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